In my photography, each image suggests a narrative. Completing the story is up to the viewer.  I work with nature, actors, people, architecture, landscapes and cityscapes.


For theater companies, I collaborate with Directors to create video projections, sound design, photographs and multimedia for use in live performances and outreach. It is a pleasure working with groups like Actors Shakespeare Project, The Lab at Harvard/Elie Wiesel Center; Hibernian Hall; Fort Point Theater Channel, A Glimpse Beyond, Praxis Stage, and many others. Press: The Boston Globe


My portraits yearn to tell stories. Emotions are paramount. I use whatever camera I have with me.


I was appointed Artist-in-Residence at Harvard Forest in 2011. I spent eighteen months filming, photographing and recording sounds of the 3,500 acre forest and the surrounding Central Massachusetts plateau, and researched the clash of civilizations between Puritans and Native Americans there in the early 17th Century. I worked with letters, sermons, books and pamphlets from that era.  I cast a Nipmuc voice actor to speak in their Native American language, and British actors who specialize in Original Pronunciation of the Elizabethan age. This project debuted at Harvard's Fisher Museum of Forestry at Harvard Forest. PRESS: Harvard Gazette


In 2014, I was appointed America's first Artist-in-Residence at a National Historic Landmark cemetery. Over three years, I filmed, photographed, recorded sounds in and researched stories about some of the 90,000 people interred at Cambridge's Mount Auburn Cemetery; created two multi-projector live exhibits; and created a website exhibit with 29 original films, a photo gallery, and links to additional information.  I'm keen to continue interpreting historical monuments from an inclusive viewpoint. Exhibit Website:    PRESS: Boston Globe  Partial Funding: Mass Humanities Grant 


I grew up in Queens, New York and Anchorage, Alaska. In both places, nature was all around our family, but in different ways. In Queens, our neighborhood near Kennedy Airport bordered undeveloped land teeming with small wild animals. In Alaska, Elmendorf Air Force base was bordered by massive conifer forests filled with large wild animals. We camped, fished, and went out on my Dad's boat. My older brothers, Dad and Mom encouraged me to explore as much as I wanted to, while keeping watchful eyes. This freedom was a priceless gift.

Trees of My City 

I created Trees of My City in 2010. It is an original multimedia project where I spent one year photographing, filming and recording sounds around dormant, dead, dying and decaying trees in my town, Newton, Massachusetts. The resulting multimedia exhibit debuted at The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and later at the Scandinavian Cultural Center. Press: Harvard Magazine  Press: Susan Gaylord Blog


I am interested in the interplay of architecture, human-modified landscapes, encroachments or incorporations of nature, and the effects of all this on people.