trees of my city


Trees of My City

Dormancy. Death. Decay. It's All Good.

installation: The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Exhibit: The Scandinavian Cultural Center

Trees of My City is a new media installation - video, photography, sound design and a mobile geotagged trek -- about the deceased. And the hidden beauty and ecological purpose of dormant, dead and decaying trees in one American city over four seasons.

Artist Statement

Every ending is also a beginning. Deciduous trees -- linden, elm, maple, oak and beech -- verdant in three seasons, appear in Winter to be mort.

Without leaves, their stark beauty can be appreciated by those who love them for what they truly are. Keepers of life and promisers of resurrection. Superstructures for whole communities. Architecturally perfect eco-urban multifamily units. Ultimate recyclers.

This project was inspired by the death of my mother, my father's illness, and my daughter’s imminent departure for college. Imaging trees has led to inquiries, like what is a tree to a squirrel? Trees of My City seeks to imagine that. Among other things. Roberto Mighty